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26, rue de la République, 31000 Toulouse

Price : less than 30€





  • Mikatu Mia Mankondi (beignets aux bananes)6 €
  • Salade Féroce (mousse d'avocat parfumée à la morue légèrement pimentée) 8 €
  • Salade Mayombe (composée d'ananas, de concombre, d'avocat...)8 €

Main courses

  • Minsala au Dongo Dongo (gambas, sauce aux gombos)20 €
  • Nsusu Na Buhua (poulet fumé, sauce arachide)14 €
  • Saka Saka - Plat National du Congo (feuilles de manioc pilées)14 €


  • L'Escale : Le Baiser Congolais (sorbet + rhum)5 €
  • Bananes flambées5 €
  • Ananas frais5 €

This menu above is provided for information purposes only. The restaurant can modify it according to the season and the creativity of the chef.


Why go there?

Because Mayombe is the most famous Afro-Caribbean dining place of Toulouse, in Saint-Cyprien district.

For Gabriel Nzelemona, called Gaby, a Congolese who cooks extoic dishes, flavoured with manioc, banana and peanut.

For a nice tête-à-tête, upstairs, on African "bogolans", before zouking in a superheating atmosphere in its beautiful cave.

With who?

Your lover, to share the menu "Z'yeux dans les Z'yeux"... and gaze into each other's eyes.

The regulars

Dancers of rumba, salsa and kompas !

Must-Eat dishes

Feroce salad (8€), for starter ; "Le Missionnaire" (14€), for main course ; and for dessert, Flambéed banana (5€).

The wines

Ginger punch (7€) ; and for the aperitive, a glass of Bois Bandé (8€).

Best tables

The small tables for two, along the wall.

Practical information

26, rue de la République, 31000 Toulouse

How to get there?


  • less than 30€

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