42, avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019 Paris 19ème

Price : less than 30€





  • Tandoori Chickent Salade : Salade crudités avec dés de poulet grillés au tandoor6.90€
  • Tomator Chorba : Danse de tomates rubis dans sa coupe5.50€
  • Fashionable Calamars : Calamars croustillants7.50€

Main courses

  • Calcutta Palak Crevettes : Curry doux d'épinards hachés aux crevettes15.90€
  • Vindaloo : Curry d'agneau épicé, mijoté aux pommes de terre15€
  • Shahi Korma : Poulet en sauce de noix de cajou, crème fraîche et aromates doux13.50€


  • Gujarati Sudji Halwa : Moelleux de semoule et ses fruits secs5.50€
  • L'été Indien : Mangue en dés et glace coco6.50€
  • Ras Malai : Fondant au lait aux saveurs exquise indiennes5.50€

This menu above is provided for information purposes only. The restaurant can modify it according to the season and the creativity of the chef.


Why go there?

For Le Sari's Indian dishes, cooked according the tradition of Northern India : soft curry prawns with spinach, twelve spices chicken, lamb curry cooked with potatoes... We must say that before becoming Le Sari's cook, the chef M. Penjabi used to manage a five star restaurant in India.

For the colourful and romantic decoration of the restaurant, its pink velvet chairs, its small tables for two, its silver frieze and its wooden bar at the back of the dining-room.

For its beautiful specimens of Indian wines : Grover Réserve Rouge or Grover in red, rosé and white.

With who?

With your lover to explore far-off flavours.

The regulars

Couples and businessmen.

Must-Eat dishes

The Byriani Penjabi chicken : marinated chicken and long rice cooked with cashew nuts, herbs, almonds, raisins and spices.

The wines

Taste the Indian wines, such as the Grover Vineyard, a red wine cultivated in south India.

Best tables

The n°15, settled next to the wall and isolated from the other tables.

Practical information

42, avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019 Paris 19ème

How to get there?

METRO L 2,5,7bis - Jaures


  • Wi-Fi
  • Parking nearby


  • less than 30€

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