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13, rue de Bassano, 75016 Paris 16ème

Price : less than 30€





  • Tapas Ham Pata Negra20 €
  • Tapas Stuffed Mussels5 €
  • Tapas fried Calamars 8,50 €

Main courses

  • Fish à la Planch: Prawns à la Plancha20 €
  • Daurade Fish with Fennel20 €
  • Skewers of Chicken Breast marinated and grilled17 €


  • Assorted Turons (served with liqueur)7 €
  • Chocolate Cake, Coconut Ice cream7 €
  • Le Marronnier (Chestnut, White Cheese)7 €

This menu above is provided for information purposes only. The restaurant can modify it according to the season and the creativity of the chef.


Why go there?

To relax at the bodega Casa Paco, close to place de l'Etoile, at the corner of Marceau avenue.

For the lovely decoration of its walls, covered with azulejos, these famous tiles of earthenware, original ceramics and bullfight posters.

To nibble, on a flamenco background music, planchas, tapas, pata negra and tortillas.

To find in Paris a sunny spot in a latino atmosphere, quite simply.

With who?

A scrounger with a good Spannish accent.

The regulars

Well-off Parisians, among which are journalists and politicians.

Must-Eat dishes

Tapas of marinated grilled vegetables (8€) ; Plancha-cooked prawns (20€) ; Chorizo grilled entrecôte (22€) ; Valencian Paella (20€) ; and for dessert, Andalusian Sweetness for two, brick pastry, with vanilla cream, crushed almonds, and orange blossom (12€).

The wines

Gran Feudo Reserva 2003 (35€), from Navarre.

Best tables

N°11 for two, on an angle banquette ; n°14 or 16 for a dinner among friends.

Practical information

13, rue de Bassano, 75016 Paris 16ème

How to get there?

METRO L1 - Georges V


  • Wi-Fi


  • less than 30€

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