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4, rue Cité Benoit, 34000 Montpellier

Price : less than 30€





  • Zaalouk (Tomates, Aubergines)6,50 €
  • Salade Regency (Salade, Tomates, Oignons, Noix, Fromage)7 €
  • Pastilla de Poissons9 €
  • Assortiment d'Entrées Marocaines (Zaalouk, Mechouia, Briouates Thon ,Fromage et Viande)10 €

Main courses

  • Couscous Regency (Brochettes Agneau, Poulet, Merguez)19 €
  • Tajine de Poulet aux Citrons et Olives17,50 €
  • Mechoui avec Garniture20 €
  • Brochettes de Gigot d'Agneau Grillées18 €


  • Ceffa de Couscous au Beurre (Sucré et Raisins Secs)6 €
  • Patisseries Marocaines (3 pièces)6 €
  • Fruits de Saison (Ananas, Fraises, Melon, Pastèque, Dattes)6 €

This menu above is provided for information purposes only. The restaurant can modify it according to the season and the creativity of the chef.


Why go there?

Because, for over 20 years, Le Regency has been the undisputed king of couscous, just a stone’s throw from Montpellier town hall.

Because its heavy solid wood door hides a Moroccan palace with harmonious mosaics and purple and gold embroidery
For their delicious traditional méchoui and tajine, crowned with the chef’s makroudh and gazelle horns.

Finally, for their oriental dancer who turns heads every Saturday night.

With who?

A nabob.

The regulars

Suits and ties from Montpellier and amorous couples in the evening.

Must-Eat dishes

As a starter, fish pastilla (9€); as a main dish, couscous royal and lamb, chicken, merguez and kofta skewers (22€); and for dessert, orange with cinnamon (6€).

The wines

The Regency cocktail, made from cactus, Schweppes, gin, and cane sugar (6€).

Best tables

The half-moon dining room with its VIP atmosphere.

Practical information

4, rue Cité Benoit, 34000 Montpellier

How to get there?


  • Private Rooms


  • less than 30€

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