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La Vie de Campagne
La Vie de Campagne
La Vie de Campagne

La Vie de Campagne Dennebroeucq

162, rue Principale , 62560 Dennebroeucq

Price : less than 30€





  • Assiette de Charcuterie
  • Chèvre chaud
  • Velouté de Tomates

Main courses

  • Blanquette de Veau
  • Thon grillé, Sauce citronnée
  • Welch du Chef


  • Tarte au Citron meringuée
  • Pain d'Eugène
  • Profiteroles

This menu above is provided for information purposes only. The restaurant can modify it according to the season and the creativity of the chef.


Why go there?

Because La Vie de Campagne is a cozy provincial establishment located on the edges of the Lys, between Boulogne-sur-Mer and Béthune.

For their impeccably dressed tables and mauve velvet armchairs that spread out under a French-style ceiling.

For the charming owners who love to give improvised tours of the area that will make you love country living.

Because La Vie de Campagne tailors their menu to products available at the market and also gets their vegetables from local producers.

For the local groups of musicians and storytellers who come to liven up La Vie de Campagne on Saturday nights.

With who?

A city slicker who needs a bucolic break.

The regulars

Shop owners, Belgian, British, German and Dutch couples, and families on their way to the Dennlys Parc amusement park.

Must-Eat dishes

As a starter, try the warm goat cheese; as a main dish, the chef’s welsh rarebit; and for dessert, pain d’Eugène.

Best tables

Reserve the romantic area for two.

Practical information

162, rue Principale , 62560 Dennebroeucq

How to get there?


  • less than 30€

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