About the Restopolitan web site

1. What is Restopolitan?
Restopolitan was created in 2006 and is a major actor in the restaurant field. We offer loyalty cards that allow to receive one free meal for each reservation in our restaurant partners - an online booking service. For additional information, see the heading ".Who are we".

2. How can I keep up to date on new offers?
You have the possibility to subscribe to our newsletter, (by choosing « I wish to receive Restopolitan’s newsletter to be updated on new restaurant partners » in Your Account) which notifies you by email about new available restaurants and new discount offers on our website.

3. How to find a restaurant?
Simply go to our “Search restaurants” space, you will find all the restaurants where you can benefit from one free meal for each booking. The restaurants can be sorted by: region, city, type of food, style, etc...

4. Can the list of restaurants be changed ?
Yes. It evolves and grows everyday (around 100 new restaurants per month). The Restopolitan Team is working daily in order to provide you with a choice of more and more diversified partner restaurants.

5. If I have a question (technical, commercial, general…) for restopolitan.com, who may I contact?
On our « Contact us » space, you can send us your questions/recommendations or reach directly the desired service. You can also call us: +33 1 84 240 240

6. How do I get such offers?
Our commercial crosses France and Luxembourg to provide a large choice of partner restaurants. The restaurants are not financially linked with us. The partnership is based on a win-win agreement, profitable for everyone. Indeed, the partner restaurant sees its number of customers increase, taking advantage of Restopolitan's database of members.

7. Is it a safe web site?
Yes, of course, it is our priority! Whenever you pay online, you are directly sent to the payment platform certified by Ogone, in partnership with HSBC.

About Restopolitan's card

1. I have bought a card, what happens next?
It’s very simple !
1. I log in to my account at Restopolitan.com (or I create my account if I have been given a card)
2. I register my card on the Register an offer section, by typing in the numbers written on the back of my Restopolitan card
3. Once my account is created and the card registered, I can book my table on the Restopolitan.com website or by phone on the +33 1 84 240 240
4. The day of the booking, all you have to do is show your card at the restaurant, and benefit from a free meal, directly deducted from the bill.

2. What is the life span of my card?
The period of validity of your card starts at your first booking. For instance, with the 1 month card, if you register your card on the 1st of July, make your first booking on the 2nd of July for the 14th of July; your card will be valid until the 14th of August).

3. Can I refill my card?
In case you have a limited duration card that has expired, you can easily upgrade it to the unlimited card, through My account. In case you would like to subscribe to another offer, you will have to make a new order on our website.

4. Is the Restopolitan Card available everywhere in France?
Yes. The Restopolitan Card is valid everywhere in France in our partner restaurants, and now also in Luxembourg and Spain.

5. Can I use my card the same day I purchased it?
Yes. A temporary coupon will be sent to your email address in order to benefit from the advantages of the card. This coupon will not be valid after you receive your card (shipping delay from 72 hours).

6. Can I combine my Restopolitan Card with other offers or discounts?
No, the offers are not cumulative with any other discounts. The restaurants have the right to refuse your card if you use it with discounts from other providers.

7. How do I get the details of a particular restaurant?
Each restaurant has its own space on Restopolitan.com, where are presented the description of the restaurant, some pictures, an extract from the Menu, additional services from the restaurant, its localization, and the specific conditions of the offer.

8. Is my Restopolitan Card available at lunch and dinner?
Yes, my card can be used at any sitting unless the restaurant has declared the opposite. In this case, it will be specified in the specific conditions of the offer on the restaurant’s space. Remember to book in advance on our web site, Restopolitan.com, or by phone on the +33 1 84 240 240.

9. Is my Restopolitan Card valid every day?
Yes, the card is valid every day, unless the restaurant has specified the opposite. In this case, it will be indicated in the specific conditions of the offer on the restaurant's space. Usually, the restaurants don’t accept the card on special occasions (Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve...).

10. Can I go several times to the same restaurant?
Yes, provided that you don’t go more than once a month in the same restaurant.

11. What is a « free meal »?
In most cases, the free meal is one starter + one main course or one main course + one dessert chosen from the menu. If you are two guests, the least expensive starter and main course (or main course and dessert) will be deducted from the bill. In case the restaurant offers you a specific menu, the guest coming with the card owner will have to order at least the same menu, or a menu with a higher price.

12. I am coming to the restaurant with 3 friends. We will be 4 in total. Will there be 2 free meals?
No, only one meal per booking is offered. And one card is accepted by table/booking.

13. Are there any specific conditions?
Yes, and we don’t hide them from you!
- Minimum 2 persons must order the Restaurant Offer
- 2 persons minimum for one booking
- The drinks are not included from the free meal

At the restaurant

1. How can I book a restaurant?
To book, you have two possibilities: Online, on Restopolitan.com, through each restaurant’s space, or by phone by calling our concierge service available 7 days/week on the +33 1 84 240 240. Remember that Restopolitan exclusively takes care of communicating your booking to the restaurant.
1. Once your booking has been communicated to our concierge service, we will send you an email confirming your booking request. That email is not a booking confirmation.
2. We contact the restaurant to communicate your booking. We then confirm you the booking by email and text message. If the restaurant is full, we will contact you again to find another restaurant together.

2. How will I be greeted at the restaurant?
In all our partner restaurants, you will be welcomed like any good customer. Moreover we work with a quality service in all the partner restaurants, in order to guarantee an incredible and unforgettable service and hospitality.

3. Am I guaranteed to have a seat at the restaurant?
Yes, if our service confirmed your booking by phone or by email. In case of unavailability at the chosen restaurant, we will provide you another one of an equivalent category.

4. Is it mandatory to present the card at the restaurant?
No, the card is not mandatory at the restaurant.

5. Can the restaurant force me to consume beverages, wine or others?
No, the restaurant cannot force to consume. However, you must consume the minimum specified on the restaurant's menu; in order to benefit from our offer.

6. We are dining out with another couple who also has the Restopolitan Card. Can we use both of our cards and get the discounts twice?
No, one single Restopolitan Card can be used per booking and per table.

7. How to cancel a booking?
If you can't go to the restaurant, it's important to inform us.
To cancel a booking, you can do it :
- on our website, in your personal Account
- by phone on +33 1 84 240 240
This is you first booking? No problem, you Card won't be activated.

8. A restaurant that I often go to could be interested in joining Restopolitan. May I recommend it?
Of course! Restopolitan pays a great importance to its customers’ opinions. Whenever you recommend us a restaurant, we get in contact with the owner as soon as possible. You can write to us at contact [at] restopolitan [point] com.