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Restopolitan, has already:

  • 300 000 members
  • 3500 restaurants in Europe
  • France, Luxembourg and Spain

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Restopolitan and you

Who are we?

Restopolitan, a unique web expertise in the restaurant field

Created in December 2006, the Restopolitan company is the prefered partner for restaurants and foodies. After 4 years of experience in the online reservation field, the Restopolitan Team offers a new deal that guarantees you an unforgettable experience in restaurants.

A recognized and rewarded Business

A Start-up sponsored by Microsoft since 2009, different competitions and entrepreneur programs have awarded its innovation and enthusiasm: - First prize in the “Aid to Business Creation” competition (supported by the CCIP) - First prize “young challenge” (supported by the Ministry of youth and sports) - Laureate of Paris entrepreneurship 2007 - April 2009: Restopolitan is elected “The start – up of the year” by the Microsoft program.

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Fundraised by the biggest business angels of the internet in France

To back up its development and growth in France, Restopolitan incorporated its well-known shareholder capital market of the Internet in France: Xavier Niel (Iliad), Marc Simoncini (Meetic), Jacques-Antoine Granjon (Vente-privée.com), Oleg Tscheltzoff (Ex-Amen), Jean-David Blanc (Ex-Allociné), the Rosenblum brothers (Pixmania) and even Jonathan Benassaya (Deezer). A pool of expert internet investors offering to Restopolitan the possibility to expand and accelerate its growth. Their confidence reinforced Restopolitan's conviction and showed above all the potential of this development.

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A passionate team

The Restopolitan staff members work with passion and conviction: - Stéphanie Pelaprat, founder & CEO of Restopolitan , grandaughter of restaurant owners. - A technical team of 5 employees in charge of the website development and its applications dedicated to the restaurant field. - A marketing department of 6 employees seeking at all costs to develop the best deals for our members - Sales managers everywhere in France (around twenty) to select the best restaurants. For months, our team has selected, met and tested the restaurants highlighted in our selection. The deal offered by the Restopolitan card has been thought about and designed to make each of your meals out a pleasant shared time.