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1 Free meal for every booking

The Restopolitan membership card gives you a free meal every time you book at our restaurant partners. The free meal is directly deducted from the bill by the restaurant.
Starter/Main Course or Main Course/Dessert: chosen from the menu!

Unlimited for restaurants

Use the membership card as many times as you like, it is unlimited, from Monday to Sunday, at lunch and at dinner.

A selection of quality restaurants

More than 3500 partner restaurants in Europe. We insure a large choice of cuisines, atmospheres and prices.

A booking service always available

Thanks to our booking service dedicated to our members, we insure you a table in our partner restaurants. We always have a table for you.

The Restopolitan Card 1 YEAR

I order the card


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  • Your membership card delivered wherever you want in 72 hours
  • The 7 day a week booking service
  • The activation of your card from your first booking
  • It’s unlimited use all week, without restrictions


I create an account
and register my card

I book
online or by phone

My meal is automatically
deducted from the bill


  • What does « One free meal » mean?
  • In which restaurants?
  • What does « unlimited » mean?
  • What are the conditions of use?
  • When does my card get activated?

Two types of meals are free:
- Starter/Main Course or Main Course/Dessert to choose from the restaurant’s menu
- Starter/Main Course or Main Course/Dessert to choose from a fixed menu (Tasting menu/Chef’s choice…)
You can find the details of the free meal for each restaurant on their page.

Hundreds of partner restaurants accept the Restopolitan Card all over France. Neighborhood Bistros, etoile restaurants, French, Italian, Japanese cuisine… There is a large choice for every taste bud and price.

It means you can use your card where you want and as many times as you like, respecting its validation length. For example, if you buy a 1 year Card, you can use it unlimited for 1 year from Monday to Sunday, at lunch or at dinner.

- 2 people minimum per booking
- One card only accepted per booking
- The booking is compulsory on the Restopolitan website or by phone on + 33 1 84 240 240
- One booking each month in the same restaurant
- Drinks are not included
- Minimum 2 persons must order the Restaurant Offer

The Card validity begins from your first reservation.